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Why Are Cashmere Jumpers Expensive?  

There’s really nothing that can be likened to the perfect texture of the cashmere touching your skin and because of this, one can actually, for a minute, think that this soft material is made from the clouds. Another reason why someone would think this is because of how expensive this material is. If the cashmere material in itself is expensive, then surely by extension, one should expect everything made from it to be equally expensive; cashmere jumpers are no exception.

The answer is simple: They are expensive because the cashmere material in itself is expensive.

Why Is The Cashmere Material So Expensive?

The first thing you need to know is that cashmere is made from goats. Yes, goats are the G.O.A.T!
This amazing fiber comes from cashmere goats, these animals are the only once that can produce this luxurious, highly coveted material.

Experts who are into the business rearing cashmere goats have made us understand that one goat does not really produce a lot.  You can get to harvest these fibres only once a year after you’ve harvested, you might get around six-eight ounces from one cashmere goat, but once you process the fibres, you get about four ounces back.

This is why it takes about four goats to make just one sweater, and this is why cashmere is so expensive.

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Our mission is to become a well known British Brand that is unfussy, not complicated, with superb attention to detail. Luxurious, design-led and admired.

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