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Roll Neck Jumpers: 3 Ways To Rock Them In Style

If you currently don’t have a roll neck jumper as part of your sartorial arsenal this winter, you’re missing out. An infinitely cozy piece of kit, the style is one of the most versatile going when it comes to knitwear. Whether teamed with an extra-long coat or an old-school tracksuit, here’s how to rock roll neck jumpers right this season.

Our collection of roll neck jumpers are to die for as you can wear them for so many occasions and look outstanding in them. The whole idea of being fashionable is for you to stand out and be easily notice (in a good way, of course). In regards to that, we’re providing you with so many options on how to rock your roll neck jumpers.

1. Under A Leather Jacket

You can rock your roll neck and look extra amazing by wearing it under a leather jacket. You have the option of putting on a well-tailored trouser if you’re looking for the business casual office look or jeans if it’s just for the weekend outings.

2. Under An Overcoat

You can brave low temperatures in high style by wearing your jumper under an overcoat. For a smart outfit, anchor your top half with a pair of wool trousers and leather boots, or skew casual with chinos and sneakers for solid off-duty attire.

3. With A Suit

Partnering your suit up with a light-gauge roll neck is a perfect way to have yourself ready for both a day in the office and ready for a Friday night. Neutral colors that contrast with the tailoring are a failsafe bet, so build a rotation of blacks, blues and earthy shades before attempting something more daring, such as jewel tones.

Mr. Quintessential is here to provide you with all the quality roll neck jumpers you need for your wardrobe. Visit our store here and/or contact us for more information.



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