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Quintessentially Golf Clothing 2000s-2018

Nowadays, most golf clothing is designed to be functional, the style elements for most are of secondary importance. Athleticism and performance rules the way as golf wear becomes a fertile ground for technical innovation.

Golf clothing is now endowed with increasingly exotic technical features: shirts with stretch panels and fabrics that block sunlight; trousers with vents and zippered pockets; and moisture proofing materials that gives a new meaning to the term “no sweat.” The top players such as Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, keep the look simple with darker hues and full cut armholes for a free swing.

Sportswear brands are designing their performance wear to be just as fashionable as the rest of the clothes we wear. Whether you’re a true athlete or someone simply looking for a versatile clothes, athletic wear is where you should look.

Mr Q’s golf clothing choice – Cooper Cashmere Blend Zip Up

Cooper Cashmere Blend Zip Up – Melange Grey SAVE 30% CODE BF

Made from the finest fabrics, this super luxurious zip up jacket is a blend of select merino wool and luxury cashmere.  In a shade of melange grey, it is versatile, comfortable and is perfect for weekend attire, a long haul flight, a brisk evening jog.

Take a look at GQ golf clothing styles 2019 .

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