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MrQ Going Global

The team at MrQuintessential are proud to announce that our luxury cashmere garments are now available internationally. A range of our premium knitwear is now stocked in the Barly concept store in Riga, Latvia.


Fashion in Latvia

During autumn/winter, Latvians wear many layers of clothing to combat the frost. Most of these warm clothes are removed while in heated interiors (at some institutions this is even mandatory), revealing the usual Spring/Autumn look underneath. It is for this reason we are excited to share our luxury cashmere garments with the customers of Barly. As cashmere’s insulation is up to 8 times to that of wool, our garments make it easy to maintain body temperature in all temperatures.


Why MrQ?

At MrQ, we pride ourselves on producing menswear that is set apart by fine details, with garments made of perfect blends of silk, cotton and cashmere. Our garments are made for the discerning gentleman’s lifestyle and consistently hits the highest standards of material, comfort and customer service.

If you long for a quintessentially British wardrobe, full of classic and contemporary designs, look no further than MrQuintessential.

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