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Mr. Quintessential Takes the Lead in Men’s Luxury Fashion

Men’s luxury fashion is a hot trend and a growing niche market. Men are no longer satisfied by worn out sweats and holey T-shirts; they seek to dress in style, trend and good taste. From the office, park, formal dinner dates, gala through to watching football with the boys.

What does luxury fashion mean to men?

The word, ‘luxury’ means something different to men. It isn’t about being flashy. Rather, it is about wearing neat & clean designs on quality fabrics like our cashmere & silk blend.

Menswear goes beyond bespoke suits and dress pants for work; men now have options when getting dressed for non-work related events.

The cashmere used in all our collections are from the best Mongolian cashmere, Egyptian cotton, silk from Asia and, fine merino wool from Australia. These materials are ethically obtained to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

With our new AW Collection ’19, we continue to bring men’s luxury fashion at an affordable price to the working man. The man who is ambitious, driven and knows when to stop, smell the roses and toast to his accomplishments.

What sets Mr. Quintessential apart from other brands?

Mr. Quintessential is the place to shop for the quintessential man. We bring you men’s luxury fashion–high-end fashion with quality fabrics that are long-lasting. You will not find our designs and styles anywhere else.

Pick up a pair of sweats and a zip-up jacket from our loungewear collection, a dressy long sleeve cashmere sweater, crew necks, roll necks, etc.

With the right colour options, choosing is easy. Whenever you’re in doubt, come to Mr. Quintessential for all of your men’s luxury fashion wants and needs.

Contact us for more information! Let’s see how you style your Mr. Quintessential. To view our Autumn/Winter collection, click here!

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