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Men’s Cashmere Scarf: 3 Ways To Tie And Wear Them

Wearing men’s cashmere scarf adds a level of elegance to a whole outfit no matter how casual. So, to make it fun and different, we bring you three different ways to tie and wear scarves.

Men’s Cashmere Scarf: 3 Ways To Tie And Wear Them

Men have been wearing scarfs for the longest time. Whether it is chunky knitted scarfs to protect against the cold or a silk scarf is thrown over your neck, scarfs are a staple in all men’s wardrobe. There is a wonderful history of men wearing scarves from antiquity.

  1. The Drape

This is the most common way of styling a scarf because it is the easiest to do. Here is how you do it:

As you would when tying a necktie, place the scarf around your neck in such a way that, the left side and the right side are even. Then wear your jacket over the scarf as it lays tucked in close to your shirt or cashmere sweater or with your jacket unbuttoned to showcase the star of the outfit: the cashmere scarf. This style is best when going to work since you’ll be taking your jacket off to show off the scarf. This way of wearing men’s cashmere scarf looks classy—endless sophistication!

  1. Overhand Knot

This next way of tying wearing a scarf will better secure your scarf if you’ll be doing a lot running errands. Place the cashmere scarf around your neck with the ends hanging down on the chest. Make the right piece longer than the left and wrap it around the left piece to create a loose knot. Then as you would when tying a necktie, adjust the knot till it comes directly under your chin. This will keep warm throughout your time outdoors. Style it with a nice long dressy jacket.


  1. The Parisian

The Parisian style is true to its name. With this style of tying a men’s cashmere scarf, fold the scarf in two, equally. Then place the folded scarf around your neck so the loop is on your right side. Then feed the left side through the right side and pull. You can wear it loose if it is a very long scarf or bring the knot up higher to your neck if it is shorter. Lighter scarfs will work better with this style as chunky ones are best for the drape method.


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