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A father and sons guide to impeccable style

Men’s Luxury Cashmere Jumpers in London

Men, you want to look your best, feel comfortable and confident in the clothes you own, right? You shouldn’t have to either settle for bargain-bin clothes and outerwear that doesn’t fit or to spend a fortune for designer brands. The modern man can no longer bluff his way through wearing standard off-the-rack items that don’t feel quite right or represent the person underneath the fabric.

My goal in starting MrQuintessential was to help bridge this gap. I wanted a company that designs and crafts men’s luxury cashmere sweaters in London for a reasonable price. I believe that we have found that sweet spot, offering beautiful quality fashion at a price point that doesn’t leave you dreaming of the day you can afford it.

Fashion is at its best when the pieces are stunningly exclusive yet completely inclusive.


My History

In my late 30s, I realised that nothing in my closet fit my age. I was too old to wear the street clothes with large logos that I’d worn before, but I didn’t want to wear that standard, lifeless clothing available for middle-aged men. Instead, I wanted to show that life is only just beginning – being 40 is just like being 20, only you are a little older and a little wiser. Finding clothing that matched my attitude and approach to life was a difficult task.

In 2016, I decided to start my company, MrQuintessesntial, so that no other man faced the same dilemma I did. I wanted to provide comfortable and stylish men’s cashmere sweaters in different styles and designs, but I didn’t want to put a luxury price tag on them. So that’s what I did with my company.

My Company

We source Mongolian cashmere, Australian wool, Egyptian cotton, and Asian silk. Each of our sweaters is handcrafted in small, family-run factories in Mongolia — no mass production or sweatshops. This ensures that each piece is finely crafted for the highest quality without cutting any corners. When you buy a MrQuintessential sweater, you benefit from the time and dedication that has been put into producing it which we believe sets our fashion items apart from other London sellers.

We offer cashmere crew necks, v-necks, roll necks, and loungewear for men of any age and any budget. Make a statement with a quality sweater from us, and I know you’ll keep coming back for more.


Contact us at +44(0) 208 959 9094 to learn more about our history or ask any questions you have.

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