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How to Dress for Wimbledon

The All England Club is well known for having a lot of rules and traditions. This is especially true when it comes to dress codes.

Players must wear all white, with only minimal allowances allowed for logos and seams, even on accessories and the soles of shoes. Theirs is a fairly simple dress code, but there are still players who try to push the boundaries. This usually results in the Club simply making the restrictions tighter and more clear.

For spectators, though, the dress code is a little more vague. There is no official guide, but smart and demure attire is preferred. In 2015, Lewis Hamilton was actually turned away from his box seat at the event because his floral shirt was deemed inappropriate.

So, understandably, many men struggle to decide how to style themselves for the competition. While you want your personal style to shine through, going overboard is risky. Not to mention, the weather is often unpredictable. It may be July but, as we all know, British summer weather can go from a heatwave to a cold snap in the space of a few hours.

The default option

Many men will opt for a plain suit, or some such smart dress, to cover all their bases. But pick the wrong suit and it can look boring or overdressed for a sporting event, even if it is Wimbledon.

Instead, we would suggest a suit that stands out a little bit. A casual suit with a difference like a pattern or subtle print can really make you stand out. But it won’t push the boundaries too far.

Suit alternatives

Our favourite option for Wimbledon is separates. Start with a smart trouser and build your ensemble around it.

Going for the classic shirt can be a good choice, but adding a light cashmere jumper will immediately boost your style points. Not only that, it will keep you warm if the weather turns cold, but is breathable and cooling if the heat hits.

Alternatively, opting for a polo shirt is a slight adjustment that makes all the difference to your look. A perfect balance between formal and relaxed, the polo shirt is the epitome of smart-casual. And it adds a little more tennis-club-chic to your style.

Adding a blazer on top of these looks can bring you right into line with those suit-wearers. You’ll have the same base coverage and versatility. For maximum effect, choose one that coordinates, rather than matches, with your trousers.

The dress code may seem intimidating at first, but with our guide on how to dress for Wimbledon, you’ll be certain to stand out for the right reasons.

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