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Quintessential Accessories: Luxury Cashmere Gloves

Warm, protective and highly fashionable, gloves are the unrecognised staple piece of a gentleman’s winter wardrobe. The team at MrQuintessential believe in the power of gloves, and explain why protecting your hands with luxury cashmere is a no-brainer.

Stay Warm

There are three main elements that affect the warmth of your hands; the temperature, the wind chill and the wet. Wearing a quality pair of gloves can provide protection against all three of these elements, while remaining stylish and fashionable.

We lose a significant amount of heat from our hands, usually the first area of the body to feel the cold. Once our hands are exposed to icy temperatures, our grip can be the first to go and limits precise movements needed when on the move outdoors.

Insulated cashmere gloves reduce the chances of frostbite by keeping the blood flowing to the hands. Perfect for the slopes or a frosty Sunday stroll.

Why Cashmere?

The feeling of wearing soft cashmere gloves is like no other, they are certainly the front-runner when it comes to winter luxury.

Made from extremely fine fibres that are six times finer than a human hair, cashmere is knitted using a multitude of these fibres. The material comes from the lower hair of special goats originating from India and Pakistan.

Despite being a thin fabric, cashmere has excellent insulation properties that will keep your hands toasty warm. This combination of warmth, softness and comfort means that cashmere gloves are the best choice for keeping you warm this winter.

All MrQuintessential gloves are knitted with 100% cashmere and are available in a range of colours. Stay warm and fashionable this winter with MrQ.

MrQ Selects

Made from soft, 100% cashmere, the Elba gloves have been designed in elegant dark navy, and have been offset with a contrasting cuff in a great shade of turquoise. They are also available in Charcoal, Black, or Soft Grey.

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