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Quintessential Accessories: Beanies

On the modern menswear circuit, it is now common for a gentleman to combine traditional tailored pieces with beanies, in order to complete a luxurious winter look. This represents the beanies long transformation from being utilitarian cold weather kit, to a desirable high-street accessory. From streetwear to office flair, the beanie is now an extremely versatile garment in British fashion.

Beanies made from fine natural textiles such as cashmere and cotton are soft to the touch and tend to breathe well. Cashmere’s insulation capacity is up to 8 times to that of wool, making it the ideal material for a number of climates.

Style tip: A well fitted beanie makes for a perfect combination with your tailoring. A winter suit, trench coat and a classy MrQ cashmere beanie combines rugged masculinity with sleek tailoring. See the ‘Fashion Beans’ guide on wearing and styling the beanie. 

Our luxurious knitted cashmere beanies are also ideal for a subtle pop of colour. Colour block with our Zephyr cashmere beanie in Russet – a luscious autumnal shade that never goes out of style.

MrQ Selects

Woven from super soft Cashmere, the Zephyr beanie has a beautiful handle and feels very tactile. The flecks of colour in the weave makes this a MrQuintessential favourite. With 30% off all accessories, now is the time to treat someone special, with the gift of cashmere.

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