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The Shoal Polo Featured in The Times

July 17th, 2018 by Simon Jacobs

The Shoal Silk Blend Polo, as featured in The Times Magazine.

What is a Shoal Silk Blend Polo Shirt?

Our superb silk-blend luxury men’s polo shirt is spun from the finest silk and has the addition of 15% soft cashmere, resulting in a truly luxurious item. The breathable fabric is ideal for those warm summer days and has an amazing handle and feel; tailored into the perfect fit. The shirt has elegant pearl buttons which is a beautiful addition to the Mr. Quintessential range. The Shoal Silk Blend Polo Shirt is available in Summer blue, grey, black and sand.


  • Wear under a blazer to the office, with smart trousers, or dressed with jeans, your favorite leather jack, and boots for a night out.
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How to Dress for Wimbledon

July 12th, 2018 by Simon Jacobs

The All England Club is well known for having a lot of rules and traditions. This is especially true when it comes to dress codes.

Players must wear all white, with only minimal allowances allowed for logos and seams, even on accessories and the soles of shoes. Theirs is a fairly simple dress code, but there are still players who try to push the boundaries. This usually results in the Club simply making the restrictions tighter and more clear.

For spectators, though, the dress code is a little more vague. There is no official guide, but smart and demure attire is preferred. In 2015, Lewis Hamilton was actually turned away from his box seat at the event because his floral shirt was deemed inappropriate.

So, understandably, many men struggle to decide how to style themselves for the competition. While you want your personal style to shine through, going overboard is risky. Not to mention, the weather is often unpredictable. It may be July but, as we all know, British summer weather can go from a heatwave to a cold snap in the space of a few hours.

The default option

Many men will opt for a plain suit, or some such smart dress, to cover all their bases. But pick the wrong suit and it can look boring or overdressed for a sporting event, even if it is Wimbledon.

Instead, we would suggest a suit that stands out a little bit. A casual suit with a difference like a pattern or subtle print can really make you stand out. But it won’t push the boundaries too far.

Suit alternatives

Our favourite option for Wimbledon is separates. Start with a smart trouser and build your ensemble around it.

Going for the classic shirt can be a good choice, but adding a light cashmere jumper will immediately boost your style points. Not only that, it will keep you warm if the weather turns cold, but is breathable and cooling if the heat hits.

Alternatively, opting for a polo shirt is a slight adjustment that makes all the difference to your look. A perfect balance between formal and relaxed, the polo shirt is the epitome of smart-casual. And it adds a little more tennis-club-chic to your style.

Adding a blazer on top of these looks can bring you right into line with those suit-wearers. You’ll have the same base coverage and versatility. For maximum effect, choose one that coordinates, rather than matches, with your trousers.

The dress code may seem intimidating at first, but with our guide on how to dress for Wimbledon, you’ll be certain to stand out for the right reasons.

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High End vs High Street Cashmere

June 25th, 2018 by Simon Jacobs

High street cashmere: it’s easily available, doesn’t break the bank, and just as good as the fancier fabric, right?

Unfortunately, it’s only two out of three.

With the rise of fast fashion, less emphasis has been placed on quality, and far more on quantity. By contrast, designer brands make clothes that last, both in terms of quality and style.

Cashmere is a crucial example of this. The cashmere you can buy on the high street may be cheaper, and more in line with current trends, but this usually means it’s not as high a standard as more luxury cashmere.

Spot the difference

A crucial sign of this is bobbling. While luxury cashmere products like those on don’t bobble, high street garments quickly develop those telltale balls of fluff and worn fabric.

Because of this lower faulty fabric, they also wear out much faster than any quality cashmere would. Over-washing, rubbing and general wear and tear will burn through your high street purchases faster than you’d expect!

The second giveaway is the feel of the wool. Of course, high street cashmere is soft enough for some. But the cheaper yarns these brands use is not as soft as luxury or designer cashmere yarns.

There is also the difference in production. Most designer brands like MrQ produce their pieces with really ethical practices. No sweatshops or poor conditions, and a high standard in every aspect of production!

Smart shopping, not quick picks

Mass production may be convenient but it also means that every item of clothing cannot possibly match up to the quality or have the care behind it that designer brands do.

So we recommend investing when it comes to cashmere. The styles will be classic while trends come and go. The quality will be much higher and last far longer, and you can rest assured each garment was made with the best care and conditions.

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Caring For Your Cashmere

April 19th, 2018 by Simon Jacobs

We know that caring for your cashmere properly can be daunting. It is a high-quality fabric, but this means it requires more love and care than other, cheaper, materials.

Luckily, we have compiled some tips for you, so that you can take the best care of your garments.

6 tips for cashmere care:

1. Match soft with soft

To prevent the wool from damage, like nicks or rubbing, which can lead to wear and tear, be sure not to wear your cashmere with rough or hard fabrics. Softer materials will keep the wool soft as well, and prolong its life.

2. Give it a rest

If you wear the item too frequently, it will shorten its lifespan. Give it a couple of days to regain its shape and recover its softness before you wear it again.

3. Keep it clean

Regular washing will reduce the risk of bobbling or pilling. You should always remove any pills from the wool before washing with a gentle cashmere brush or de-piller.

4. Watch out for washing

Cashmere is delicate, so a lot of care needs to be taken when washing it. Most cashmere fares best from hand washing, but having it dry-cleaned is the next best option. Many washing machines have a hand wash cycle, but if yours doesn’t, place the garment in a pillowcase and wash in a cold cycle.

5. Nice and dry

When drying your cashmere, it should have all the excess water removed (although not through wringing or squeezing excessively) and be laid flat to dry.

6. Storage solutions

Your cashmere should be stored flat, as hangers will stretch the fabric. Store yours somewhere clean and dry, but don’t forget to add some protection from moths. Cashmere is their favourite food!


Hopefully now you’ve seen that taking good care of your finest cashmere pieces is simple, you can go forward and indulge in more cashmere!

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ShortList Magazine

November 30th, 2017 by Simon Jacobs


ShortList Magazine feature Mr Quintessential as one of The Chosen Few in their first ever Male Beauty Issue. They are encouraging men to embrace beauty products and luxury without hesitation.

Carl Thompson picked the Newman Basket Weave in Soft Grey as his number 1 cashmere piece for the season:

“Mr Quintessential’s soft grey crew-neck jumper in luxurious Mongolian cashmere is perfect for cocooning yourself in.”

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Get Christmas Party Ready

November 29th, 2017 by Simon Jacobs

Christmas Party season can be tricky. For many people, it’s the busiest time in their social calendar. Work parties, family dinners, gatherings with friends; so many occasions with so many different people that it’s hard to find time to even do Christmas shopping, let alone to find outfits for all these different crowds and settings.

So we’ve assembled our top picks for this Christmas season, to help carry you through every eventuality in style.

The Party Pieces

One of our favourite items this season is an elegant silk and cashmere Caine rollneck. This versatile piece looks timeless on its own with a simple pair of jeans. But it also works perfectly dressed up with a jacket for a sophisticated party look.

After a variation? We love the basketweave on our Grant rollneck. A slick, super-elegant look that the great Cary Grant himself would sport effortlessly at any Christmas party.


Get Christmas Party Ready MrQuintessential      Get Christmas Party Ready MrQuintessential

The Big Day

When the parties are over and you’ve stuffed yourself with all the trimmings, nothing sounds better than a leisurely walk in the brisk, Christmas Day air. The post-dinner walk is a timeless classic, and so is the crew neck on our cosy Newman basketweave jumper.

Get Christmas Party Ready MrQuintessential      Get Christmas Party Ready MrQuintessential

The Extras

Don’t forget the hat, scarfs and gloves to wrap it all up! Complete your look and ward off the chill of the crisp, winter’s day air with the finest cashmere.

Get Christmas Party Ready MrQuintessential      Get Christmas Party Ready MrQuintessential

With your wardrobe choices sorted, now you can focus on finding the perfect gifts for everyone else!

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Exclusively British Magazine mention

November 14th, 2017 by Simon Jacobs


Exclusively British Magazine features the Winter collection from MrQ.

Introducing the Autumn Winter collection, which fits comfortably into any man’s wardrobe. There are pieces to wear at the weekend with jeans or chinos, pieces that look just as good in the office over a crisp white shirt or pieces that fit neatly under a blazer on a night out. The collection is about items that fit well and wear well in a range of blues, greys, shades of black and tactile textured knitwear. These are investment pieces with a hint of detail, so they stand out as classic and edgy, bringing compliments and admiring looks.

As a British brand, it is great to be recognised in Exclusively British Magazine! We are truly proud and honored to be mentioned and admired!



MrQuintessential was born out of the idea that many things in my wardrobe looked too immature for my years. Many tend to say that men lose interest in fashion as they approach the big 40, however, I strongly disagree, I still want to be stylish and look fantastic. Even though I am far into middle age now, I am too young to be old and am too old to dress in high street clothes, emblazoned with logos and initials. These items are just too risky for a man with grey in his hair.

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Ludlow v neck as seen in the Times

August 17th, 2017 by Simon Jacobs

Our Cashmere rich Ludlow V neck sweater in Mens Style of The Times Magazine 

Ludlow v neck as seen in the Times MrQuintessential


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Rowan Row

August 16th, 2017 by Simon Jacobs

Rowan Row fashion blogger looking great in our Cove Bay crew neck on the streets of London.

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