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Luxury Lounge Wear Pieces For The Quintessential Man

July 22nd, 2019 by Sumayyah Nawaz

Luxury lounge wear is an essential part of the quintessential man’s wardrobe. Throw on a t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants when winding down after an exhausting day at work,  a nice robe after a nice swim in the pool.

Lounge wear is the best clothing to wear when you are embarking on a long journey like a flight. It makes going through security less of a hassle and keeps you comfortable for those long check-in hours and sitting on the plane.


The famous grey sweatpants have gained popularity on social media. It has been reinvented with expensive luxurious fabric. MrQuintessential’s sweatpants are made from the finest of merino wool and cashmere, and are available in two colors; grey and navy blue. Wear it with a pair of socks and slippers!


Sweatshirts are no longer the poor quality ones; Our luxury sweatshirts are made with expensive Egyptian cotton, silk, and cashmere. Since designers have created well-tailored sweats sets, other brands have followed suit. MrQuintessential has reinvented the standard sweatshirts and converted it into a classy and dapper zip-up.

Luxury Robes.

These robes are made of silk, cotton, and, cashmere, made for comfort. Lounging in a robe with a drink in hand, while listening to smooth jazz is a great pastime. Or how about lounging in a robe for breakfast to put you in a relaxed mood before work? There are different ways to dress in luxury loungewear.


The hoodie has been around since the 1980’s and has been a crucial piece of men’s sportswear. However, lighter and softer ones made with expensive fabric are the pick for the luxury lounge wear. Cashmere is the best fabric for luxurious lounge wear.

Mr. Quintessential provides you with all the necessary lounge wear items. All the pieces are suitable for a quick errand run in town. Order online!

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Why Are Cashmere Jumpers Expensive?  

July 18th, 2019 by Sumayyah Nawaz

There’s really nothing that can be likened to the perfect texture of the cashmere touching your skin and because of this, one can actually, for a minute, think that this soft material is made from the clouds. Another reason why someone would think this is because of how expensive this material is. If the cashmere material in itself is expensive, then surely by extension, one should expect everything made from it to be equally expensive; cashmere jumpers are no exception.

The answer is simple: They are expensive because the cashmere material in itself is expensive.

Why Is The Cashmere Material So Expensive?

The first thing you need to know is that cashmere is made from goats. Yes, goats are the G.O.A.T!
This amazing fiber comes from cashmere goats, these animals are the only once that can produce this luxurious, highly coveted material.

Experts who are into the business rearing cashmere goats have made us understand that one goat does not really produce a lot.  You can get to harvest these fibres only once a year after you’ve harvested, you might get around six-eight ounces from one cashmere goat, but once you process the fibres, you get about four ounces back.

This is why it takes about four goats to make just one sweater, and this is why cashmere is so expensive.

MrQ Selects

Made from soft, 100% cashmere, our cashmere jumpers have been designed with so much detail and style. If you’re going to get yourself a cashmere, you definitely want it to be 100%.

Our mission is to become a well known British Brand that is unfussy, not complicated, with superb attention to detail. Luxurious, design-led and admired.

Check out our last collection full of new colours, new details and new styles.

We hope you enjoy wearing our pieces!



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Our Guide To Mens Ski Wear

January 23rd, 2019 by Sumayyah Nawaz

Style and substance: can the two co-exist in mens ski wear?

The main objective for assembling an outfit for a day on the slopes is warmth. The basics of dressing for snowy conditions comes down to the layering of your clothes. This starts with an all-important base layer, then building up layers of breathable clothes over this, before putting on a waterproof shell jacket.

If you’re heading to the slopes for the first, or fortieth, time this winter – then MrQ’s guide to the ultimate mens ski wear will provide you with everything you need to know, in order to hit the slopes in style.

The Base Layer

This layer is designed to sit directly in contact with your skin to release sweat and moisture created during skiing. The ideal garment for this layer needs to be lightweight, and be super soft against the skin – the last thing you need during a long day of activities is irritation.

Cashmere is hygroscopic, meaning; it is naturally breathable. As the material is adept at wicking moisture away from your skin, it makes for the perfect garment to keep you cool when it’s hot, and warm when it’s not. More importantly, cashmere is extremely comfortable and stylish ideal for those long days on the slopes.

MrQ recommends our cotton and cashmere Dean T-shirt. Tailored to fit impeccably, and knitted with the finest Mongolian cashmere. Once you have tried this on, no other T-shirt will be able to compare.

The Mid Layer

It is essential that this layer keeps heat trapped close to your body.

The ideal material for this layer is merino wool, due to its soft yet malliable qualitites. Wearing a mid layer that zips up and down allows you to easily cool down during the afternoon coffee. Then a quick and simple zip back up, when you need warmth again.

MrQ recommends our super luxurious zip-up merino wool and highly luxurious cashmere jacket. This garment is versatile, easy to wear, and will enhance both your comfort and aesthetic style on the slopes. 

Cooper Cashmere Blend Zip Up – Melange Blue SAVE 30% CODE BF

Night-time Relaxation

When the day is over, and it’s time for that long-awaited whiskey around the cabin fire – there’s no better way to wind down than being draped in a pure cashmere robe.

Cashmere is a popular fabric for loungewear as it feels incredibly snug and soft against the skin. The material naturally stretches around your physique, meaning that you can easily move around after a tiring day skiing. Furthermore, cashmere is highly adaptable to various temperatures, due to the high moisture content of the wool, perfect for finding the right body temperature before a well earned rest.

MrQ recommends our Stowe Robe, a luxurious garment that has been spun from the softest Mongolian Cashmere. An indulgent feeling that can only be experienced with 100% pure cashmere.

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Quintessential Accessories: Beanies

December 12th, 2018 by Sumayyah Nawaz

On the modern menswear circuit, it is now common for a gentleman to combine traditional tailored pieces with beanies, in order to complete a luxurious winter look. This represents the beanies long transformation from being utilitarian cold weather kit, to a desirable high-street accessory. From streetwear to office flair, the beanie is now an extremely versatile garment in British fashion.

Beanies made from fine natural textiles such as cashmere and cotton are soft to the touch and tend to breathe well. Cashmere’s insulation capacity is up to 8 times to that of wool, making it the ideal material for a number of climates.

Style tip: A well fitted beanie makes for a perfect combination with your tailoring. A winter suit, trench coat and a classy MrQ cashmere beanie combines rugged masculinity with sleek tailoring. See the ‘Fashion Beans’ guide on wearing and styling the beanie. 

Our luxurious knitted cashmere beanies are also ideal for a subtle pop of colour. Colour block with our Zephyr cashmere beanie in Russet – a luscious autumnal shade that never goes out of style.

MrQ Selects

Woven from super soft Cashmere, the Zephyr beanie has a beautiful handle and feels very tactile. The flecks of colour in the weave makes this a MrQuintessential favourite. With 30% off all accessories, now is the time to treat someone special, with the gift of cashmere.

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Quintessential Accessories: The Cashmere Scarf

December 5th, 2018 by Sumayyah Nawaz

A gentleman’s scarf is designed to last for many years, and during that time, it will consistently provide the neck with comfort, warmth and style. At MrQuintessential we believe there is no better than a pure cashmere scarf.

An investment in a high quality cashmere scarf is a smart investment for plenty of reasons, the main 2 being; style and comfort. In terms of style, the fineness of the yarn ensures that it’s not too bulky to wear with tailored clothing. In terms of comfort, cashmere material is soft, warm – and, importantly, will never prickle or chafe the skin. In comparison, other materials that are hand-knitted are too thick to tie neatly and anything super lightweight will fail to serve the essential purpose, keeping you warm.

Just like all other accessories, your choice of scarf is very much a matter of personal taste. However, we believe that MrQ has a scarf for every gentleman. Our wide range of colours ensure you have a scarf for any occasion, whether you’re dressing casually on the weekend or complementing a smart business look.

MrQuintessential’s cashmere scarves make for a thoughtful gift, especially when matched with our cashmere hats and gloves. With all our orders being beautifully gift wrapped by hand, your scarf will arrive ready for the Christmas morning festivities.

For a limited time only, all MrQ accessories are 30% off in the winter warmers sale. So treat yourself, or someone special this Christmas, with the gift of luxury cashmere.

MrQ Selects

Woven from super soft cashmere, the Wisp scarf has a beautiful handle and feels very tactile. This pure cashmere garment is crafted in a basket weave design, with a smart ribbed finish. The flecks of colour in the weave, really make this special, with the alternative colour of Russet also available.

Wisp – Luxury basket weave cashmere scarf – Heather Grey SAVE 30% CODE BF

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Quintessential Accessories: Luxury Cashmere Gloves

November 28th, 2018 by Sumayyah Nawaz

Warm, protective and highly fashionable, gloves are the unrecognised staple piece of a gentleman’s winter wardrobe. The team at MrQuintessential believe in the power of gloves, and explain why protecting your hands with luxury cashmere is a no-brainer.

Stay Warm

There are three main elements that affect the warmth of your hands; the temperature, the wind chill and the wet. Wearing a quality pair of gloves can provide protection against all three of these elements, while remaining stylish and fashionable.

We lose a significant amount of heat from our hands, usually the first area of the body to feel the cold. Once our hands are exposed to icy temperatures, our grip can be the first to go and limits precise movements needed when on the move outdoors.

Insulated cashmere gloves reduce the chances of frostbite by keeping the blood flowing to the hands. Perfect for the slopes or a frosty Sunday stroll.

Why Cashmere?

The feeling of wearing soft cashmere gloves is like no other, they are certainly the front-runner when it comes to winter luxury.

Made from extremely fine fibres that are six times finer than a human hair, cashmere is knitted using a multitude of these fibres. The material comes from the lower hair of special goats originating from India and Pakistan.

Despite being a thin fabric, cashmere has excellent insulation properties that will keep your hands toasty warm. This combination of warmth, softness and comfort means that cashmere gloves are the best choice for keeping you warm this winter.

All MrQuintessential gloves are knitted with 100% cashmere and are available in a range of colours. Stay warm and fashionable this winter with MrQ.

MrQ Selects

Made from soft, 100% cashmere, the Elba gloves have been designed in elegant dark navy, and have been offset with a contrasting cuff in a great shade of turquoise. They are also available in Charcoal, Black, or Soft Grey.

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MrQ Going Global

November 7th, 2018 by Sumayyah Nawaz

The team at MrQuintessential are proud to announce that our luxury cashmere garments are now available internationally. A range of our premium knitwear is now stocked in the Barly concept store in Riga, Latvia.


Fashion in Latvia

During autumn/winter, Latvians wear many layers of clothing to combat the frost. Most of these warm clothes are removed while in heated interiors (at some institutions this is even mandatory), revealing the usual Spring/Autumn look underneath. It is for this reason we are excited to share our luxury cashmere garments with the customers of Barly. As cashmere’s insulation is up to 8 times to that of wool, our garments make it easy to maintain body temperature in all temperatures.


Why MrQ?

At MrQ, we pride ourselves on producing menswear that is set apart by fine details, with garments made of perfect blends of silk, cotton and cashmere. Our garments are made for the discerning gentleman’s lifestyle and consistently hits the highest standards of material, comfort and customer service.

If you long for a quintessentially British wardrobe, full of classic and contemporary designs, look no further than MrQuintessential.

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MrQuintessential in Fenwick Bond Street

October 10th, 2018 by Sumayyah Nawaz

We made it! MrQuintessential in Fenwick Bond Street!  Since its doors first opened in 1882, Fenwicks has been at the forefront of luxury fashion, offering its clientele an unsurpassed selection of brands and garments for every wardrobe requirement. The Fenwick way is achieved by a commitment to luxury, an uncompromising eye for quality and the passion to serve clients with the most luxury garments.

It is with great pleasure to announce that MrQuintessential is re-stocked in Fenwicks Bond Street for the AW18 season. Our AW18 range offers a range of luxury knitwear in the finest fabrics available.

We’ve traveled the world to source the highest quality cashmere from Mongolia, fine merino wool from Australia, cool cotton from Egypt, and silk from Asia. Ethical practice is an essential part of our company culture. We stay away from mass production – instead we utilise small family run factories, who support local workers.

Synonymous with refined elegance and elevated service, the experience of Fenwick of Bond Street can be an extensive one. So to save you time, we’ve picked our 3 favourite garments you can find in Fenwicks Bond Street this Autumn/Winter.

Vail Cable Crew

Vail – Tonal Cashmere Cable Knit Crew Neck Sweater SAVE 30% CODE BF

In three shades of seasonal grey, the vail is cable knit in luxurious pure cashmere. Lightweight and soft with a relaxed and comfortable fit, this garment is the ultimate piece to add into your autumn/winter wardrobe.

The Canyon in Azure

Canyon Cashmere Crew Neck Sweater Azure Blue SAVE 30% CODE BF

The canyon classic crew neck is produced with the finest Mongolian cashmere. Stand out from the monotonous autumn crowd with this beautiful shade of Azure blue. This garment is sure to give your existing wardrobe an injection of colour through the darker winter months. We recommend layering over shirts for the office, or crew neck t-shirts, with dark jeans or chinos for weekend drinks.

Killington V neck in burgundy

Killington Cashmere V Neck Sweater – Burgundy SAVE 30% CODE BF

A classic mens V Neck, made from 100% pure cashmere. Perfect over shirt to the office, or dressed down over your favourite t-shirt. Lightweight, soft, and tactile, in a relaxed fit, this sweater is ideal for the frosty autumn mornings. Inject some colour into your wardrobe to drain out the darker winter months.


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Quintessentially Golf Clothing 2000s-2018

September 27th, 2018 by Sumayyah Nawaz

Nowadays, most golf clothing is designed to be functional, the style elements for most are of secondary importance. Athleticism and performance rules the way as golf wear becomes a fertile ground for technical innovation.

Golf clothing is now endowed with increasingly exotic technical features: shirts with stretch panels and fabrics that block sunlight; trousers with vents and zippered pockets; and moisture proofing materials that gives a new meaning to the term “no sweat.” The top players such as Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, keep the look simple with darker hues and full cut armholes for a free swing.

Sportswear brands are designing their performance wear to be just as fashionable as the rest of the clothes we wear. Whether you’re a true athlete or someone simply looking for a versatile clothes, athletic wear is where you should look.

Mr Q’s golf clothing choice – Cooper Cashmere Blend Zip Up

Cooper Cashmere Blend Zip Up – Melange Grey SAVE 30% CODE BF

Made from the finest fabrics, this super luxurious zip up jacket is a blend of select merino wool and luxury cashmere.  In a shade of melange grey, it is versatile, comfortable and is perfect for weekend attire, a long haul flight, a brisk evening jog.

Take a look at GQ golf clothing styles 2019 .

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