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Our Guide To Men’s Crew Neck Sweaters For You—Mr. Quintessential

September 29th, 2019 by Simon Jacobs

Crew neck sweaters are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you could ever own. Why? Because you can dress it with literally anything!

Our Guide To Men’s Crew Neck Sweaters For You—Mr. Quintessential


The most common way of styling a crew neck sweater is wearing it over a slim fit shirt. This is great for business casual outfits for the day-to-day office worker. It can be likened to the preppy silhouette and is timeless. Throw on a nice suit jacket for a more professional outfit.


For those days when you want to take a break from the bottom-up shirts, a crew neck sweater is the best option. It is so much more flexible than a shirt worn under a suit jacket.


Are you going out to lunch with your mates or running a quick errand? A crew neck sweater paired with denim jeans is a very trendy outfit. It gives you a very casual, relaxed look without feeling shabby.


For a more retro look, get yourself a high-quality leather jacket for those cold days. Especially if you ride a motorbike to work, it is easy to go from Rough Rider to a professional worker in 2.5secs when you work in the office.


Pick your favourite pair of trainers, throw on a crew neck, and GO! It is that simple. If you are a uni student, this is one of the easiest outfits to throw together when running late for class.


This is a more risque take: wearing a crew neck sweater on the red carpet. Some celebs have done it and it has been the talk of the town since then. It is different. It is edgy and will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

Mr. Quintessential offers quality cashmere crew neck sweaters in different colours to suit your varying taste. Why not pick a few to add to your wardrobe? You won’t regret the purchase.

Contact us for any more information you may need.

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Men’s Cashmere Scarf: 3 Ways To Tie And Wear Them

September 27th, 2019 by Simon Jacobs

Wearing men’s cashmere scarf adds a level of elegance to a whole outfit no matter how casual. So, to make it fun and different, we bring you three different ways to tie and wear scarves.

Men’s Cashmere Scarf: 3 Ways To Tie And Wear Them

Men have been wearing scarfs for the longest time. Whether it is chunky knitted scarfs to protect against the cold or a silk scarf is thrown over your neck, scarfs are a staple in all men’s wardrobe. There is a wonderful history of men wearing scarves from antiquity.

  1. The Drape

This is the most common way of styling a scarf because it is the easiest to do. Here is how you do it:

As you would when tying a necktie, place the scarf around your neck in such a way that, the left side and the right side are even. Then wear your jacket over the scarf as it lays tucked in close to your shirt or cashmere sweater or with your jacket unbuttoned to showcase the star of the outfit: the cashmere scarf. This style is best when going to work since you’ll be taking your jacket off to show off the scarf. This way of wearing men’s cashmere scarf looks classy—endless sophistication!

  1. Overhand Knot

This next way of tying wearing a scarf will better secure your scarf if you’ll be doing a lot running errands. Place the cashmere scarf around your neck with the ends hanging down on the chest. Make the right piece longer than the left and wrap it around the left piece to create a loose knot. Then as you would when tying a necktie, adjust the knot till it comes directly under your chin. This will keep warm throughout your time outdoors. Style it with a nice long dressy jacket.


  1. The Parisian

The Parisian style is true to its name. With this style of tying a men’s cashmere scarf, fold the scarf in two, equally. Then place the folded scarf around your neck so the loop is on your right side. Then feed the left side through the right side and pull. You can wear it loose if it is a very long scarf or bring the knot up higher to your neck if it is shorter. Lighter scarfs will work better with this style as chunky ones are best for the drape method.


Here at Mr. Quintessential, we offer you the of cashmere products, including men’s cashmere scarf. Contact us today for more details.

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Men’s Cashmere: Why Every Man Should Wear Them

September 23rd, 2019 by Simon Jacobs

There’s a list of items that every gentleman must own. You probably know the popular ones like suits, plain t-shirts, plain shirts, wrist watches and etc. But another must have item that you perhaps don’t know about is men’s cashmere. Every man should own cashmere and in at least five different forms.

While on the topic of men’s cashmere, it is important that you learn why it is important that you own one.

  1. Comfort

It’s good to look good but what’s more important than looking good is to be comfortable while you’re at it. Everyone loves the way wool feels on the skin. What if we told you that cashmere wool is lighter than sheep’s wool? Amazing right? This would mean that it is more comfortable to wear because of its lightweight and thin structure.

  1. Cashmere Sweaters Don’t Wrinkle

It can get pretty frustrating to put your clothes in your luggage and when you unfold them you realize that they’re wrinkled and would need ironing. Well, the good news is that with a cashmere sweater, you stuff it in your luggage, you can put it in your drawer, fold it, and regardless of whatever you do it, it always comes out looking as good as new. It’s perfect to take for travelling: lightweight and doesn’t wrinkle.

  1. They Last Longer

Cashmere sweaters will always look as good as new because they are made from higher quality material, which has longer strength, which is why cashmere sweaters are more expensive than average wool sweaters.

  1. It Makes You Favourite With The Ladies

Naturally, women love materials that are soft and skin-friendly. So, when women give you a hug or brush against your cashmere outfit, they already have something they like about you. In a case where it’s a first date, it already gives you a lot to talk about. Also, this tells the woman that you have style and good taste.

Mr. Quintessential is here to provide you with all the best men’s cashmere you need for your wardrobe. Visit our store here and/or contact us for more information.



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