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High End vs High Street Cashmere

June 25th, 2018 by Simon Jacobs

High street cashmere: it’s easily available, doesn’t break the bank, and just as good as the fancier fabric, right?

Unfortunately, it’s only two out of three.

With the rise of fast fashion, less emphasis has been placed on quality, and far more on quantity. By contrast, designer brands make clothes that last, both in terms of quality and style.

Cashmere is a crucial example of this. The cashmere you can buy on the high street may be cheaper, and more in line with current trends, but this usually means it’s not as high a standard as more luxury cashmere.

Spot the difference

A crucial sign of this is bobbling. While luxury cashmere products like those on don’t bobble, high street garments quickly develop those telltale balls of fluff and worn fabric.

Because of this lower faulty fabric, they also wear out much faster than any quality cashmere would. Over-washing, rubbing and general wear and tear will burn through your high street purchases faster than you’d expect!

The second giveaway is the feel of the wool. Of course, high street cashmere is soft enough for some. But the cheaper yarns these brands use is not as soft as luxury or designer cashmere yarns.

There is also the difference in production. Most designer brands like MrQ produce their pieces with really ethical practices. No sweatshops or poor conditions, and a high standard in every aspect of production!

Smart shopping, not quick picks

Mass production may be convenient but it also means that every item of clothing cannot possibly match up to the quality or have the care behind it that designer brands do.

So we recommend investing when it comes to cashmere. The styles will be classic while trends come and go. The quality will be much higher and last far longer, and you can rest assured each garment was made with the best care and conditions.

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