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Archive for August, 2016

Gemma Knight – The Cheshire Magazine

August 19th, 2016 by Simon Jacobs


Whether you’re a sartorially elegant gent who’s already partial to silk and cashmere, or a man henceforth wedded to his wardrobe of tired 10+ year-old staples, it’s high time you met the esteemed Mr Quintessential. A stylish man-about-town with an eye for detail, a penchant for Sazeracs and an enigmatic air? Not so – for Mr Quintessential is not so much a man as he is an image of sleek, smart masculinity, a cashmere company existing for the sole purpose of elevating men around the world to their aesthetic best.

Established in 2015 and ideal for men looking to update their look with stylishly mature pieces, the brand’s designer knitwear is all about keeping things simple – no logos, no slogans, just an extensive range of knitwear in 100% Mongolian cashmere wool.

With everything from classic crew necks and polo shirts to v-necks and cardigans (not to mention perhaps the best cashmere sweater on the market), Mr Quintessential’s cashmere clothing has you covered whether you’re in need of formal wear, everyday pieces or holiday attire, managing to perfectly balance quality cuts, lovingly crafted cashmere fabric and the latest trends for men, with a relaxed look that fits well without ever looking overdone.

But this designer knitwear is not just about filling your cupboards with quality or making your next holiday shop a painless endeavour – when it comes to Mr Quintessential, it’s about investment pieces that fit well and stay timeless. Each one is unique, thanks to the master craftsmen responsible for individually handcrafting the dip-dyes used on the cashmere wool, creating a classic colour palette of blacks, indigos, slate greys and steel blues, easy to pair, never clashing, and as suitable for summer work ensembles as holiday party outfits. Prepare to meet Mr Quintessential; he’ll soon be your wardrobe’s new best friend.

Gemma Knight

Deputy Editor, The Cheshire Magazine


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Joe Wicks – AKA The Body Coach

August 17th, 2016 by Simon Jacobs

Joe Wicks – The Body Coach wearing our new season Remington Sweatpants

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Fault Magazine Featuring Our Sol Polo Shirt

August 17th, 2016 by Simon Jacobs
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